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estate planning


Estate planning, important for adults of all ages, begins with a review of the legal title to your home, financial accounts, retirement plans, insurance policies, and other valuable assets, and ends with our formulation of a coordinated plan for passing title to these assets following your death. Estate planning also commonly refers to planning for the possibility of a period of mental incapacity (resulting from illness or accident) during your lifetime, including making advance medical directives.


You may wish to discuss the respective merits of wills and living trusts in the context of your particular circumstances.  


With 25-plus years' experience settling estates in a wide variety of circumstances, I can expedite estate administration and keep costs down. In my most successful (and demonstrable upon request) cost-saving delivery ever, I once completely settled a $1.5M trust estate for $310 in legal fees and $8 in court costs after another firm bid its legal services at $30,000. 

estate administration
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